Action in the Land of the Long White Cloud excerpt...

I’m in year eight now and my name is Hugo. Year eight is much better than year seven because all the older kids pick on you then but I’m not complaining. I have a girl friend called Sarah and in September, I’m going to New Zealand with her and her parents.

“Hey, Hugo, what you doing over the holidays?” John asked. He’s my best friend.

“Skiing with Sarah in N.Z. You?”

“Lucky dude. Wish I could come. Grades weren’t good enough. Mum won’t give me the money she promised. ‘Four Bs and one A ain’t gunna cut it’ she says.”

“Sucker. Anyway, I don’t want you along. You know, two’s company, three’s a  crowd. Ever heard of that?” I laughed as John lunged at me with a right hook.

“Can you ski?” he shot back as he pulled my arm up behind my back, not too hard for once.