Action India excerpt...

“Look out! Behind you, Hugo.” yelled Peter.

 I spun around. Flying down the footpath on a skate board, aiming straight at me, was a man. He skidded to a stop at my feet and held up his dirty hand.

“Rupees?” he said in a bullying voice.

 I froze. Peter stepped forward quickly and put a hundred rupee note into his hand. The man sat on a battered skateboard with his crippled legs folded in front of him. They were thin as sticks. On his hands were black thongs, all split and worn out. He used his arms like they were legs.

“Thank you,” and he nodded his head as he stuffed the money into his torn shirt pocket. He took off again darting between the people crowding along the footpath and didn’t look back. I stood there shaking.

“He probably didn’t see you, Hugo. Now you owe me lunch. That was my last money.”

“Sure, okay, okay. Thanks for doing that – acting I mean. Was he dirty or what?”

“Hugo, he’s living at gutter level you dork. Of course he’ll be covered in grime.”