Action Africa excerpt…

“Shh, Peter. Just whisper and don’t go around the front, they’ll see you and be quiet.”

From behind the pitched tents, we crept down to the start of the road. This place was eerie – almost scary. No house lights – no moon. The stars were so close you could reach up and pull them from the black. A creepy feeling knotted my guts – they squelched.  

 “Are you getting a weird feeling, Hugo?” whispered my cousin Peter, his voice high.

“No!”  I lied. I didn’t want him calling me gutless. He did that sometimes because he was bigger than me and I wore glasses. I hated wearing them but Mum wouldn’t let me use contacts. “Anyway, Dad said when night noises are about it means there’s no danger.”

“I hope he knows what he’s talking about.”

“Yes, he does – I hope.”

“Do you think we should go as far as the bend? It’s a long way. Your mum told us not to leave camp, remember.”

“Are you a wimp?”

“As if,” he mumbled.

I looked up into the shadowy treetops. There was just enough starlight to show what a perfect hiding place this could be. The vines and tangle were so

thick you could fall off a branch and not even hit the ground. I’d bring my sketch pad and draw this tomorrow because I draw all the pictures for my stories and this would make a good one.

“Hey, Peter. I reckon monkeys are sleeping up there in that tangle. What do you think?” He didn’t answer. He was too busy looking for danger.

We walked on quietly. My eyes searching, Peter’s darting. Under these tree tops the dark deepened and my skin tingled – I felt  brave. We could hear the call of different birds and hyenas and other strange grunting sounds a fair way off. Suddenly, everything changed.